Free audio editor edit wave wav mp3 wma pcm effects echo delay reverb cut copy paste software

Audio editor edit wave wav mp3 wma pcm effects echo delay reverb cut copy paste software


FlexiMusic Wave Editor

FlexiMusic Wave Editor Mar2007

FlexiMusic Wave Editor helps to open and save the audio formats namely wav au snd and raw With the help of an external command line encoder it can read and write Mp files You can save part of the wave to a new file It ... [...]
WavePad Sound Editor

WavePad Sound Editor 6.17 Beta

WavePad is a sound editor program for Windows WavePad lets you make and edit voice and other audio recordings You can cut copy and paste parts of recording and if required add effects like echo amplification and noise reduction br br A list of WavePad's ... [...]
Magic Music Editor

Magic Music Editor

Magic Music Editor has a huge update now Whether a newbie or repeat customer you will get an unforgettable experience For repeat customers we have changed the interface added more powerful visual multifunction This new editor not only can help you display a waveform image ... [...]
Wave MP3 Editor

Wave MP3 Editor 10.4

Wave MP Editor is a complete audio editor and recorder Wave MP Editor makes editing WAV files as easy as editing text with its clear user interface and powerful effects Our wave form editing window allows you to find the part you want to edit ... [...]
Wave Expert Audio Editor

Wave Expert Audio Editor 1.2

Wave Expert Audio Editor is designed to be a very easy and intuitive to use for audio editing You will be able to open audio file and edit it or record and edit it It lets you make and edit music voice and other audio ... [...]
MP3 Wave Editor

MP3 Wave Editor 10.5

Wave MP Editor is an easy-to-use audio editor for professionals and home users using Windows as your operating system It provides a powerful and user-friendly editing environment for novice users You can edit and record music apply effects and filters adjust stereo channels save audio ... [...]
Blaze Audio Wave Creator

Blaze Audio Wave Creator 3.2

Wave Creator brings you full audio editing and transformation capabilities with a clear simple easy-to-use interface Now using a Wave file editor to work with your music and audio is as easy as editing text - cut copy paste and crop the audio until it ... [...]
Audio Editor Deluxe

Audio Editor Deluxe 9.1.7

Audio Editor Deluxe allows you to perform various operations with audio data such as editing like cut copy paste etc filtering applying various audio effects amp converting joining audio files It provides more than sound effects and filters and so on for you to make ... [...]
Copy & Paste

Copy & Paste

Copy Paste - Perfect copy and paste functionality in flash Perfect copy and paste functionality in flash This goes on a controller clip somewhere off stage br br To copy click inside a text field and press Ctrl C to paste click the target field ... [...]
Wavosaur audio editor

Wavosaur audio editor

Wavosaur is a free and efficient audio editor for Windows do digital audio editing and recording add VST effects repair and clean your audio perform various operations with audio data change sound in real time masters your track process your sounds with VST effects in ... [...]
n-Track Studio

n-Track Studio

n-Track Studio is an audio MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your computer into a full-fledged recording studio You can record and playback a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks The program supports simultaneous recording from multiple and bit soundcards and real-time audio effects ... [...]
RockN Editor

RockN Editor 10.4

An advanced audio editor recorder for the pros and folks as well It includes many options to add effects and filters cut paste and copy and do most any editing function you can think of ... [...]


nbsp Wavosaur is a free sound editor audio editor wav editor software for editing processing and recording sounds wav and mp files Wavosaur has all the features to edit audio cut copy paste etc produce music loops analyze record batch convert br Wavosaur supports VST ... [...]
Multi-Filename Editor

Multi-Filename Editor 2.02

The Multi-Filename Editor allows you to easily edit any number of filenames in an easy to use spreadsheet format and then Rename or Copy them with the press of a button Microsoft makes it easy to edit the name of a single file If you ... [...]

GuitarFX 2.18

 ... [...]
Audio Sound Editor Deluxe

Audio Sound Editor Deluxe 4.7

Advanced audio editor and converter for all popular audio formats Visual audio editor and converter supporting CD MP WAV WMA OGG VOX etc It can open create save play record cut copy delete paste mix amplify fade invert normalize reverse silence shrink stretch reverb filter ... [...]
CD WAVE Ripper

CD WAVE Ripper 1.0

CD WAVE Ripper will copy sound tracks from CD and save as wave files to disk You can use this tool to copy your favourite music and then you can edit them as you like or convert them to other formats such as mp or ... [...]
Echo Machine

Echo Machine

Plektron Echo Machine is an advanced delay effect that includes an HP LP filter an oscillator balance control sidechain effect typical of a compressor and much more br br Echo Machine combines a digital delay with analog tape-style effect With the included oscillator you can ... [...]
Acoustic Labs Audio Editor

Acoustic Labs Audio Editor 1.5

The Acoustic Labs Audio Editor is an easy-to-use yet powerful wave WAV MP WMA OGG and PCM audio editor player and recorder allowing users to open edit save and record audio files in any of these formats The capabilities of the Audio Editor are perfect ... [...]
AV Music Morpher

AV Music Morpher 5.0.57

AV Music Morpher is a creative one-stop audio editor software for both the most inexperienced and Pros It includes Voice morpher to change singer voice in two dimensions voice pitch and voice timbre to be either man woman or characterized Tempo morpher change tempo to ... [...]
Aldo's WAVEdit

Aldo's WAVEdit 1.2

Wave editor that let you merge wave samples cut edit wave FX and convert WAVE files created with Pianito-MicroStudio into MP files Enhance your recorded songs producing professional quality wave mp files ... [...]
Mesa Park Audio Editor

Mesa Park Audio Editor 1.1

The Mesa Park Audio Editor is an easy-to-use yet powerful wave WAV MP WMA and PCM audio editor allowing users to open edit and save files in any of these formats Just some of the editing functions include the ability to cut copy paste amplify ... [...]

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